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Jane Goodall’s How We Did It: Saving Chimpanzees
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Activist Jane Goodall explained what it took to save and protect chimpanzees and other animal species.

"Thinking back on how we saved chimpanzees, I must say there was a time when it seemed impossible, when chimpanzee numbers were decreasing and forests were vanishing, it was the bushmeat trade, the commercial hunting of wild animals for food, and the growing human populations. It just seemed a daunting task."

"But then it was really when I realized that unless we worked with the people and improved the lives of people who were living in poverty, who were cutting down the forests because they were so desperate to grow some food to feed their families, or make charcoal to make a bit of money, we couldn't even try to save the chimpanzees. 

"So we began working to improve the lives of the people..."


The Jane Goodall Institute