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Jane Goodall On Animal Consciousness And The Realities Of The Ivory Trade
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When Dr. Jane Goodall was in the red chair she talked to George about how animals experience emotion – not only the way chimpanzees react to death, but how elephants maintain close family bonds. Yet we treat them horribly – elephants are still killed for their ivory tusks.

George got Goodall to explain the emotional response of elephants.

GS: Elephants have tear ducts that connect to their emotions, don’t they?
JG: Yes, they do. And elephants are so wise and so amazing and live so long and have such close family bonds. And look what we’re doing to them – they’re vanishing just because people want ivory ornaments. It’s a way of showing you’ve “made it” in China – new wealth. We must have ivory. And so we’ve got a huge campaign through our Roots & Shoots program. You know, elephants don’t lose their tusks every year, which is what people are told. They don’t come from elephants that have died a natural death. They come from shooting this wonderful being and cutting off the tusk. And same with rhino and their horns.

GS: But they’re shooting this elephant, this wonderful being that knows we’re shooting it.
JG: Yeah.

GS: …that can probably identify what murder is.
JG: Yeah.

GS: …the way they react to things.
JG: And leaving these little orphans with no parental guidance and probably they’ll die unless they’re rescued.

Jane Goodall's interview with George airs Tuesday, October 15 at 7 pm.