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Eddie Izzard Remembers: Humanity “Is Winning”
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Eddie Izzard delivered a special message during the Remembrance Day edition of George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight.

"A lot of people in the world today are against all war, meaning all use of force," said Izzard. "And I'm not quite of that opinion because if agressive force is used against [people], like in the second World War, then I feel you've got to use force back. And otherwise Hitler would still be here."

That said, Izzard understands that war and violence aren't good things, and that we should use occasions like Remembrance Day to focus on those who fought to do good.

"It would be good to feel we're moving away from [war] and I do think we are," he said. "And on Remembrance Day it is good and it is necessary to remember people who fought and died trying to have humanity win... and it is winning."


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