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Eddie Izzard Says God “Should Have Flicked Hitler’s Head Off”
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Comedian Eddie Izzard explained to Strombo recently that if God were real, he wouldn't actually be very popular. Izzard's reason: the Second World War and the existence of Adolf Hitler. 

Izzard, who in this clip also thanked Canada for helping Britain during the Second World War, suggested that God could have acted differently when it came to the matter of Hitler:

"Is God to answer? You know, 'cause he should have flicked Hitler's head off, as I have said before," said Izzard. "He should have went, because Hitler's... the first two kids of Mrs. Schicklgruber died in infancy,  the first two died in infancy, so couldn't that have just gone one more? And then she could have had 23 kids after that who were nice Schicklgrubers..."

Eddie Izzard's interview with George airs Wednesday, October, 9 at 7 pm.

Eddie's Force Majeur tour crosses Canada this fall:

Nov. 10  Halifax, NS at Rebecca Cohn Auditorium
Nov. 13  Toronto, ON at Massey Hall
Nov. 14  Toronto, ON at Massey Hall
Nov. 15  Toronto, ON at Massey Hall
Nov. 16  Toronto, ON at Massey Hall
Nov. 18  Ottawa, ON at Canadian Tire Centre
Nov. 20  Thunder Bay, ON at Community Auditorium
Nov. 22  Edmonton, AB at Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium
Nov. 24  Calgary, AB at Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium
Nov. 26  Winnipeg, MB at Burton Cummings Theatre
Nov. 29  Victoria, BC at Royal Theatre
Nov. 30  Victoria, BC at Royal Theatre
Dec. 2  Vancouver, BC at Orpheum Theatre
Dec. 3  Vancouver, BC at Orpheum Theatre