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Colin James and Adam Driver

Colin James and Adam Driver

A Canadian blues icon and a celebrated actor join George in his home.

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Debrief For March 4, 2014: Political Correctness And Female Pilots
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For this edition of The Debrief, George talked about World Grammar Day, political correctness and an objectionable note left for a female WestJet pilot on a recent flight.

Indeed, the content of the note was so offensive that George asked comedian Rebecca Kohler to discuss respond on-air.

"Thank you, David," said, Kohler, addressing the letter writer. "For demonstrating that freedom of speech applies to all levels of thought. 

"David, you said, 'Cockpit of airliner is no place for woman.' I'm going to wager that you didn't like the movie Gravity."


WestJet Note - Facebook, Carey Smith Steacy