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COMING UP: The Strombo Hundo 2014 (Part One)

COMING UP: The Strombo Hundo 2014 (Part One)

We're celebrating 2014 by running through the BEST records of the year as chosen by us on The Strombo Show.

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Debrief For March 26, 2014: From Canada To Drake Nation
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For this edition of The Debrief George gave a lesson on how to read political polls, checked in with another edition of Today In Gay and discussed getting young adults to vote in Canada.

Only 39 per cent of young Canadians voted in the last federal election. If 60 per cent had voted it's believed the results of the election would have changed dramatically.

"Not only would the results have been different, but the things we're talking about would be different as well," said George. "We could have actually passed the legislation that Peter MacKay had put forward to change Canada to 'Drake Nation.' We actually could have elected a minister of YOLO."


iVote - Youtube user SDM MDS

Andrew Cain - Twitter user @churchnw6

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