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Scott Weiland & The Wildabouts

One of the most dynamic performers of the nineties grunge scene, Scott Weiland, joined George.

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Debrief For March 17, 2014: More Election Ridings, Less Robocalls?
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For this edition of The Debrief George talked about Patrick Brazeau, Alison Redford, attack squirrels and the 30 new federal election ridings that have been introduced in Canada.

"Thirty new ridings across the country," said George. "Fifteen in Ontario, six in Alberta, six in B.C. and three in Quebec... Elections Canada does this when populations expand."

The math behind the new ridings is interesting.

"If you were curious, if those 30 new ridings were in play in the last election, Elections Canada says 22 of them would have gone Conservative, six New Democrat and two Liberal. 

"The good news though, for you, is if you live in a riding that's likely to vote Conservative it just means you have fewer misleading robocalls that you have to deal with."


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