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Debrief for January 8, 2014: George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight & Friends Airport Drinking Game
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With erratic weather causing so many flight delays of late, the Strombo team devised a drinking game to help commuters stranded in airports pass the time. Here it is:

When you see a really tanned woman reading an US or People magazine... 1 drink.
If that woman has braids... 2 drinks.

When you see someone's grandmother having trouble figuring out the automated ticketing machine... 2 drinks.

If you see a couple whose relationship might not survive the security check... 1 drink 
If you are IN that couple... chug.

When someone with too-big luggage insists that it qualifies as carry-on... everybody chugs but them.

If you see racial profiling... all non-Caucasians chug.

If you see an example of terrible parenting... the kid chugs.