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Debrief For January 22, 2014: George Supports Norway Curling Team’s Pants
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On this edition of The Debrief George saluted the mindblowing uniforms of the Norwegian men's Olympic team.

"We want [Canadian curler] Brad Jacobs and the curling team to win gold, right?" said George. "But you know who we want to get silver? It's gotta go to Norway because those f------ uniforms rock!"

George also explained how people of all ages could relate to their uniforms.

"If you're under 35 they look like the backup dancers for M.I.A.," said George. "If you're 55 or older they look like your childhood TV set while you're looking for a signal. If you're in your 20s they're going to make your shrooms trip a little weirder."

To see a gallery of the Norwegian team's pants as well as other hypnotizing Olympic outfits, go here


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