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Debrief For February 4, 2014: They’re Building An Ark!
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In this edition of The Debrief, George explained the Fair Elections Act, saluted Facebook on its 10th birthday and speculated about Google's mysterious barge in San Francisco Bay.

"This is a mystery barge," George said. "This barge belongs to Google. And for months, that barge has been floating in the San Francisco harbour. Parked right out front.

"Here's the thing: no one knows what it was doing. Or what was on it. And people kept asking: 'Hey what's on the barge.' And they'd be like, 'It's a mystery barge.' Which is really terrifying.

But George had an idea of what the boat might be about: "Oh my God, they're building an ark!"


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The Games Have Always Been A Little Gay -  Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion
Cat Cafe - Café Chat L'Heureux