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Debrief For February 24, 2014: How Much George Cried Watching The Olympics
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We're back from our Olympic break and for our first Debrief of the week, George saluted Harold Ramis, shed light on troubles in the Ukraine and Venezuela and discussed how much he cried while watching the Olympics. 

"Between the commercials and the podiums I just can't cry any more. I can't cry any more," George said.

"Those little kids (sings), 'We all play for Canada...' Kids singing in unison? Normally extremely creepy. Even when they're your kids, your kids are creepy.

"But I cried so much. I actually had to watch UFC just to get my testosterone levels back.

"It didn't work. I cried more than a single woman in her late-30s watching Love, Actually on Valentine's Day. I cried more than the Russian and American men's hockey teams, combined."


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