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Debrief For April 2, 2014: Singing In The Plane
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For this edition of The Debrief George talked about legalizing marijuana, the reason why zebras have stripes and the best bird-related live stream on the internet.

George also talked about viral footage featuring the cast of The Lion King singing on an Australian plane.

"I'm pretty sure that's not legal," said George. "We paid hundreds of dollars specifically to not be at The Lion King. Don't do that to us. And that's literally a captive audience and I believe under the Geneva Convention they have rules on how you can treat captives. To be clear, I want my flights to be more Air Force One and less Glee, OK?"


LION KING CLIP - Toutube user DisneyOnBroadway

PIIP SHOW - Elin Corneliussen

HAMBURGLAR - McDonald's Corporation

ROBOTS - Flickr user Ford Focus RS Direct