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Debrief for December 5, 2013: Vegan Advice for Jay Z
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On this edition of The Debrief, George answered reader email and gave Jay Z some tips about adopting a vegan diet.

The rap star has declared he's going vegan for the 22 days leading up to Christmas — so George gave him a taste of what to expect.

"It tastes better than it looks, for the most part, most of the stuff that you're going to eat, and it looks unappetizing," started George. "Read the labels. Sometimes stuff that seems like it should be good for you isn't actually good for you."

"A lot of vegetable soups in restaurants are made with chicken or beef broth or they put cream in it. Ask them. Even a non-dairy creamer can sometimes have sodium caseinate, which is a milk derivative. Also, raw carrots are 90 per cent bacon... don't quote me on that."

"Also be ready for a lot of jokes from your friends involving the words 'kale' and 'quinoa,' and about how you're tired and weak all the time. Get excited, it's going to be a laugh riot. I'd advise you to stay away from the Food Network for the next three weeks. It's just simply punishment."

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