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September 28, 2014: Bob Mackowycz Jr.

September 28, 2014: Bob Mackowycz Jr.

George Stroumboulopoulos will be joined by Bob Mackowycz Jr. for another week.

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Colm Feore Just Can’t Stop Acting
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When Colm Feore dropped by the studio, he paid George a quick visit in his dressing room before the show and gave him a lesson on acting. After a couple of fake outs, he admitted this:

"I was pretending. I lie for money. That's what I do."

"Colm, I don't think it's a good idea to walk around acting all the time, pretending all the time. It starts to make guys like me worry," said George. 

"You see, I can't stop George. That's the problem. I don't know what's real anymore. Am I a man or a vision?"