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Bobby Orr On Organized Sports: “It’s Not Fair To The Parents, It’s So Expensive”
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When Bobby Orr was in the red chair recently he talked to George about how much he loved playing sports as a child. He also talked about how the hyper-structured nature of sports for children these days may not be the best approach.

"It's not fair to the parents. It's so expensive," Orr told George. "And the kids do not have to play (a sport) 12 months of the year. Play other sports, hang around other kids, hang around other coaches. I think it's healthy and I think that's the way it should be."

Orr, who was promoting his new book Orr: My Life, also had words about hockey schools.

"I never went to a hockey school until I turned pro. And I went as an instructor. So, you don't have to play 12 months of the year and so many kids... I mean, little ones are playing 100 games.

"No, it's not necessary."

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