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Ali Hassan Tells The Panel His Favourite Self-Help Genre Is “Manscaping”
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When Linda Kash, Paul Bates and Ali Hassan were on The Panel the topic of the day was self-help. George asked them what their favourite sub-genre of self-help book was and the answers were, well, varied.

"My favourite sub-genre? Manscaping," said Hassan. "I spent many, many hours on YouTube just trying to figure the whole thing out. Now I'm down to just trimming twice a day."

Bates likes Deepak Choprah.

"It's for the practical application of Deepak Choprah because I could be having a terrible day, getting chewed out by my boss, my car could've been towed, but it's so easy to forget that I'm just a beam of love emanating from the universe."

Kash calls herself a spiritual dabbler.

"I go for hot yoga, I go for warm yoga, I go for pillow-and-a-blanket yoga..." she said.