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Scott Thompson Tells The Panel “Not Shaving Your Genitals” Is The New Counterculture
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When Scott Thompson, Arthur Simeon and Jennifer Goodhue assembled with George on The Panel the topic of the day was "counterculture."

Thompson made a point of calling attention to his particularly hairy act of rebellion.

"Not shaving your genitals. That's kind of countercultural," said Thompson, who then pointed at his special area and yelled, "Right now I'm a rebel down here!"

Simeon says that because everything counterculture has been absorbed by the mainstream now, real acts of rebellion lie in everyday things.

"Not getting a tattoo is counterculture," Simeon said. "Or like, using cash to pay for your purchases over $40... actually using your phone to call someone. I know I'm talking crazy right now." 

Goodhue then suggested the next underground wave would involve human interaction.

"Maybe that's the next revolution," Goodhue said. "Where you are connecting on a human level with somebody. Like actually being able to reach out to somebody..." at which point Simeon suggested "there should be an app for that."