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Late Night George Photo Prompts Panel Shenanigans
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When Ryan Belleville, Evan Carter and Tara Spencer-Nairn were on The Panel the topic of the day was nominally about internet "memes." However, things quickly deteriorated. Prompted by a tweet featuring this photo...

... the Panel turned into a George Stroumboulopoulos roast.

Belleville though there was a medically-related reason for the way George looked.

"That photo is so fantastic because you've got the two black eyes and you're doing this [makes peace sign] and it looks like you're going, 'I'll have two more hits of heroin,'" said Belleville. 

Carter's zinger was movie-themed.

"When do you go back to meet Beetlejuice?" he asked.

Spencer-Nairn went for some topical Toronto city politics-related humour.

"That could be like Rob Ford's other driver," she said. "You are Rob Ford's midnight driver. So you got the late shift."