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Pat McKenna Confesses To The Panel He Doesn’t Remember His 30s
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When Pat McKenna, Dom Pare and Pay Chen joined George on The Panel the topic of the day was memory. Or something. We forget...

We're not alone.

"I'd say from 29 to 41, I don't remember a lot of the 30s... it's gone," said McKenna.

Pare doesn't remember a different time in his life.

"Yeah, one to six (years old). Who remembers all of that?" Pare asked.

Chen, meanwhile, has been trying to forget her combination rat tail-mullet hairstyle she had when she was younger.

"When I was a kid I had a rat tail, and at the time I thought that was really cool. It was all the way down my back. But at the same time I also had a mullet.

"I obviously didn't know that it was too much for people to handle, to rock two awesome hairstyles at one time," Chen said.