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The Panel: Why The Dears’ Natalia Yanchak And Murray A. Lightburn Will Never Be On The Amazing Race
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On this edition of The Panel the topic was "Partners." Rather conveniently, two of the guests were married couple Murray A. Lightburn and Natalia Yanchak, who share duties in the rock band The Dears. Playing the role of uncomfortable third wheel? Panel regular Ali Hassan.

Even though Lightburn and Yanchak have travelled the world together with their band, there's one thing they both agree they could never do together.

"Amazing Race. We could not do Amazing Race together," said Yanchak.

"Oh my god. First of all, I mean no offense, I love you," said Lightburn to Yanchak, "but the navigational skills..." at which point he just shook his head.

Lightburn's solo album Mass: Light was released on Aug. 20.

Omega Dog - Fontana North, Pheromone Records, Dangerbird Records
Murray Lightburn & Natalia Yanchak - CREDIT: Danny Cianfarra / John Londono