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Colin James and Adam Driver

Colin James and Adam Driver

A Canadian blues icon and a celebrated actor join George in his home.

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The Iron Sheik Challenges Rob Ford On The Panel
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When Jay Onrait, Arthur Simeon and Emma Hunter were on The Panel, the topic of the day was supposed to be "Risky Business." However, it quickly switched to "Chaos" when The Iron Sheik, a former pro wrestler, was unleashed on the unsuspecting panelists.

The Sheik, who was in town to participate in a celebrity roast, had some words for Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. Strong words.

"I am Toronto. And today I been in the mayor office to tell them Mr. Mayor you supposed to be role model for the Toronto, Canada," said the former World Wrestling Federation heavyweight champion. "But I wanted to say Mr. Ford... I wish you could come challenge with me arm wrestling or wrestling."

Onrait has a new book out called Anchorboy. Simeon is a frequent contributor to CBC's The Debaters and Hunter can be seen on Pop Quiz.