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Grant Lawrence Calls Mr. Dressup “Cruel,” “Heartless” On Strombo Panel
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Grant Lawrence, Arthur Simeon and Rebecca Kohler were on The Panel recently to defend reality television shows.

Sort of.

"I got a confession to make," said Lawrence. "Little kid. I was 6, 7, 8 years old. True story. I thought Mr. Dressup was a reality show. I thought, 'Who was this cruel, heartless seemingly unemployed bastard who makes his gender-neutral child and mute dog live in a tree outside 365 days a year?'"

When asked what reality show had gone too far, Simeon had an interesting response.

"I think Hoarders," he said. "That show has gone a little bit too far because you have these people who have spent their entire lives collecting meaningful personal possessions. And then you have a bunch of neat freaks who come in and ruin their life's work." 

Kohler disagreed.

"I have to step in there," she said. "Cat poo is not a knicknack."

Watch the full clip above.

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