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The Panel: Chris Jericho’s Tips For When To Retire
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When Chris Jericho, Kaillie Humphries and Gilson Lubin were on The Panel, the topic of the day was "Graceful Exits": how do you knew when it's time to bow out?

For Humphries, a Canadian bobsledder, the timing of the topic wasn't the greatest.

"I think this is the worst topic going into an Olympics," she said.

Jericho, a former pro wrestler, had a good gauge of when to pack it in.

"I had someone come up to me a couple months ago and say, 'Didn't you use to be somebody?'" said Jericho. "And I was like, 'I think I still am somebody.' So if you hear that more than once or twice in the course of a day it might be time to move on."