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Olivia Chow On Toronto: “I Love This City And I Think We Deserve A Lot Better Than Rob Ford”

When Trinity-Spadina MP Olivia Chow visited the GST studios, George asked her, "In 2015 will you be running for a federal seat?"

Followers of Toronto's turbulent municipal political scene will know that that wasn't really a question about the upcoming federal election — it was a question about whether she'd run for mayor of Toronto. Chow knew it, too. 

"I know where you're leading," Chow told George. "I've been really upfront. Yes, I have been seriously considering running for being mayor of Toronto.

"I love this city and I think we deserve a lot better than Rob Ford. I certainly think our kids need a better role model."

That said, Chow, who releases her new book My Journey on January 21, is still undecided entering the race.

"As to what my role might be, whether I'm going to do it or not, once I've made the decision I'll give you a call," she said.

George also asked the New Democratic Party member, "Who is your favourite Conservative?"

"[Minister of Foreign Affairs] John Baird and I don't agree with each other on most of the things, but I find him not a bad person to work with," said Chow. 

She did point out one negative in Baird's game, however.

"He also heckles very loudly, which is not a good thing."

Olivia Chow's full interview with George airs on Monday, January 20 at 7 and 11:30 p.m. on CBC.


Olivia Chow with sculpture (photo) - David Pellettier
Olivia Chow celebrating election (photo) - Darren Calabrese
Olivia Chow on her wedding day (photo) - Alex MacDonald
Olivia Chow at Necropolis cemetery (photo) - Susan Kwong
Jack - Pier 21 Films, Eagle Vision