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Yannick Bisson
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Actor Yannick Bisson was in the red chair to talk about Murdoch Mysteries, his career and his newest show, The Adventures of Napkin Man.

Bisson also talked about how the entertainment industry isn't always the best place for troubled souls.

"You're trying to find your place, you're trying to find meaningful things, you're trying to make your mark... you see it so often, young people take a wrong turn," said Bisson. "This year in particular, Cory [Monteith], the young man from Glee, is a very real example.

"Guys that I worked with when I was high school age I've seen on the street bumming cigarettes. Recently. So it's a tough road for anybody, but don't kid yourself. There's no aspect of show business that'll get you 'there.'"


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