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Team Brad Jacobs on Olympic Curling: “We Changed The Perception A Little Bit”
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Team Brad Jacobs, the winners of the 2014 Olympic gold medal for curling in Sochi, talked to George about their experience.

"That was the toughest event that we've ever played in," said Jacobs. "Each even that you go to, each big event, it's tough in its own way and the Olympics is its own beast and I'm just happy to have made it through that.

"There's a lot of pressure on you being Team Canada going there. You're expected to win gold. Especially in curling."

The four members of the Jacobs team — Brad Jacobs, E.J. Harnden, Ryan Fry, Ryan Harnden — are noted for being fit and athletic, which goes against a number of curling stereotypes.

"I think we changed the perception a little bit," said E.J. "Especially this Olympics. I know Ryan a few times he was asked whether he was one of the bobsledders or a hockey player. No one ever guessed us as being curlers who didn't know us prior to the Olympic games."

"I got asked if I was a figure skater," Fry added.