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Stedman Graham
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Stedman Graham, author of two New York Times bestsellers, former pro basketball player and partner to Oprah Winfrey, spoke to George when he was in town for the Toronto Black Film Festival.

Graham spoke about his latest book, Identity: Your Passport To Success, and how important it is for a person to control how they define themself.

"It's not being defined by the socially constructed messages which are labels on the outside," said Graham. "I can't make it because of the colour of my skin... wrong. You believe that then you're stuck for the rest of your life.  

"I can't make it because I'm a woman and I live in a man's world... wrong. You're defined by your house, your car, your religion... I'm often defined by my relationship, so people put me in that box. 

"So the point is not how the world defines you, which is my message, it's how you define yourself."