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Robyn Doolittle
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In her reporting for the Toronto Star, Robyn Doolittle helped break the story of the video that allegedly shows Toronto Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack cocaine. She joined George to talk about her new book about Ford, Crazy Town.

Doolittle spoke about the line between what the public does and doesn't have a right to know when it comes to politicians behaving badly.

"I think crack is a good line," she said. "There's a big difference between someone maybe smoking marijuana or whatnot, and crack cocaine. Because of its addictive properties and where you're buying it from."

She also pointed out how Toronto's mayor differs from previous politicians who've been caught up in substance-abuse scandals.

"Certainly Rob Ford is not the first politician who has had alcohol issues or even drug issues. The difference with Rob Ford is that there are constant YouTube videos popping up of him on the Danforth, or him saying he's going to go party. A video of him saying he's going to rip a guy's throat out."

"The line is crossed when his job is being impacted."