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Alberta-raised Indo-Canadian pop singer Raghav may not be widely known in his own country, but the musician has broken out in Bollywood and worldwide. He talked with George about that experience in the red chair.

George also talked to Raghav about an earlier formative experience: being a "brown guy singing country music."

"True story," started Raghav. "I'm in high school and I went on the local breakfast show in Calgary and I sang a country song. I must admit I was kitted out. I had the hat and I had some Brooks & Dunn shirts on. And I remember later in the cafeteria that day somebody posted something rather nasty, racist, and I remember thinking, 'Well, I can't do this.'

"I just love great songs. Whether they're pop or they're Bollywood or they're in Hindi or in English. And now I think, 'Why should I let anybody else define what I can or can't do within the realm of a whole musical career?'"