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Peter Keleghan and Amanda Brugel
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Peter Keleghan and Amanda Brugel play a couple struggling to regain intimacy in Jeremy LaLonde's ensemble comedy Sex After Kids. They spoke with George about the film and their careers.

During the interview, George had Keleghan cringing by playing a clip of his early role in the '80s comedy Screwballs.

"You know, it's not fair to expose someone's skeleton," Keleghan said.

"The skeleton is beautiful!" Brugel replied.

It was Brugel's turn to cringe when George played a clip form Jason X (aka Friday the 13th part 10)

"I think I was, I don't know, 12 when I shot that," Brugel said, blushing.


Sex After Kids - Believerville Productions, Cryingman Productions
Screwballs - Maurice Smith Productions, Millenium, New World Pictures
Jason X - New Line Cinema