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COMING UP: A Very Strombo Christmas Special

COMING UP: A Very Strombo Christmas Special

Get ready for an advent calendar of Strombo performances over the next four days, leading up to our festive special on Sunday.

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Olivia Chow
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Olivia Chow was in the red chair to discuss her new book My Journey and the prospect of her running for mayor of Toronto.

Chow, the current MP for Trinity-Spadina, explained how writing the book helped her process the death of her husband and former NDP leader Jack Layton.

"It was really hard to write... because I relived some of that experience to connect, reconnect and write it down," said Chow. "But I realized then there was something inside me that made it easier for me to get through that really tough period.

"And then I looked back to my background and my teenage years and realized, 'Hey, when I was growing up it was pretty tough, too.'"


Olivia Chow with sculpture (photo) - David Pellettier
Olivia Chow celebrating election (photo) - Darren Calabrese
Olivia Chow on her wedding day (photo) - Alex MacDonald
Olivia Chow at Necropolis cemetery (photo) - Susan Kwong
Jack - Pier 21 Films, Eagle Vision