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Kim Cattrall
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English-Canadian actor Kim Cattrall sat down with George to talk about her career post-Sex and the City, and her return to television with the new Canadian series Sensitive Skin, an adaptation of a BBC series of the same name.

She spoke about some of the differences between her version of Davina, the show's lead character, and the version played by Absolutely Fabulous's Joanna Lumley in the UK show.

"Well I think that my Davina is just more aware in some ways of herself and the crisis that she's going through. And also, I love physical comedy, I'm known for it, especially from Sex And The City, so that was an ingredient that I wanted in this story."

Sensitive Skin (2007) — Baby Cow Productions, BBC
Ticket To Heaven (1981) —  CFDC, Famous Players, Ronald Cohen Productions