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Kevin Smith
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Writer, director and avid conversationalist Kevin Smith was in the red chair to talk about movies, comics, his career, his personal life... everything, basically.

One of Smith's current projects is the show Spoilers, in which he convenes a town-hall meeting of sorts with an audience to talk movies. The show is partially a response to traditional film criticism. 

"I was like, 'Well I'm in the position where I can be like, let's put together a show and show them what it could be instead. And that's kinda what Spoilers is. It's me kinda going, rather than bitching or kvetching, it me going, 'This is what I'd rather do.' 

"And that's what you should do in life. Rather than complain and say, 'These people shouldn't be doing that, these people shouldn't be doing this,' just do what you want to do and live as the example and be that change for people."

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