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COMING UP: The Strombo Hundo 2014 (Part One)

COMING UP: The Strombo Hundo 2014 (Part One)

We're celebrating 2014 by running through the BEST records of the year as chosen by us on The Strombo Show.

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Joe Clark
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When the Right Honourable Joe Clark was in the red chair, the former Canadian prime minister talked about this country's current political climate as well as his new book How We Lead.

Clark, who beat Pierre Trudeau in the 1979 federal election, took a dim view of the various political scandals unfolding in the country right now.

"It's depressing, obviously," he said. "And it's important because you have to have sense of respect for public life in the country and that's hard to maintain in these circumstances. But we've been through bad patches before — I won't speak of my personal experience — but we get over them and I think we can."


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used the opportunity to explain why some of Canada's current actions "withers our reputation in the rest of the world."