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Jake Gyllenhaal
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Actor Jake Gyllenhaal has a close Canadian connection. Two of his recent films, Enemy and Prisoners, were directed by Quebec director Denis Villeneuve.

He talked to George about those films as well as the 2005 war drama he was in, Jarhead. It turns out the fighting was all too real.

George asked Gyllenhaal if he got into a fight with fellow actor Peter Sarsgaard on that set.

"He's my brother-in-law, by the way," Gyllenhaal began. "Yeah, we got in a fight. He was dating my sister at the time and we were making a movie together, which was really interesting. So that's about it. And a lot of stuff was real that was going on between all of us. We were all living in this really confined space together and we weren't really in the military. We were like, a bunch of pussy actors, so, like, obviously egos got involved.

"Yeah, we fought."


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