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Coming Up: Ani DiFranco

Coming Up: Ani DiFranco

Ani DiFranco visits the House of Strombo for an acoustic session.

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Isabella Rossellini
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Isabella Rossellini was on the show to talk about her role in Canadian director Denis Villeneuve's latest film, Enemy.

She also talked about her idiosyncratic animal mating series, Green Porno.

"I was always interested in animals," said Rossellini. "When I was a teenager I thought maybe I'll be a filmmaker, making film documentaries. My dream when I was a girl was I would be hired by National Geographic or work with David Attenborough, but it didn't happen. I became a model.

"That was fantastic. I loved my career as a model and that evolved into being an actress. But now that I'm older of course there is less work available for me so I went back to school and I started making my films. So now I'm still doing my films and I'm totally satisfying my curiosity that I had throughout my life."

Isabella Rossellini's Green Porno: Live On Stage will take place June 6-7 at the Winter Garden Theatre in Toronto, Canada.


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