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Gary Bettman On Trash Talk & Wayne Simmonds

NHL Comissioner Gary Bettman responds to allegations that NHL player Wayne Simmonds used a homophobic slur on the ice, directed at another player.

In this clip, Gary talks about

Wayne Simmonds
"We had two incidents involving Wayne. The first one was the idiotic banana throwing; it was inappropriate, it was idiotic, it was unacceptable... and we made that clear."

Due process
"We do - and maybe it's my legal training - we do adhere to due process - natural law.. We didn't didn't have proof. You could think if you're a lip reader that he said something."

Being certain about a slur
"You know what? We don't punish on 'We think he did it.' And we made clear that it's unaccptable, and we made clear to the world that we wouldn't tolerate and don't tolerate that, because it's wrong. By the same token, we don't micromanage trash talk on the ice, but if we hear it and it's over the line, then we'll deal with it, if we're 100 per cent certain that it's what it purports to be."

Clear actions
"I didn't like it, but under the circumstances, by making clear it was unacceptable, that was more important than whether or not we fined him $2,500"