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Daniel Lanois

Daniel Lanois

Iconic Canadian producer and musician Daniel Lanois stops by the House of Strombo for an acoustic performance and intimate interview.

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GST S4: Episode 21 - Jane Goodall
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A little kid with a crush on Tarzan grew into our most passionate advocate for not only animals but our whole planet. Jane Goodall left England in her 20s on an adventure that found her studying and living among chimpanzees in Tanzania. She was the one who discovered that they use tools, have relationships and, most importantly, emotions. Now, the Jane Goodall Institute is connecting the technology we use every day – our cell phones and laptops – to coltan mining and its impact on civil war and conflict in Democratic Republic of Congo. Their "One Click Can Bring Peace to Africa" shows how we can ALL make a difference by paying close attention. And Jane, on the eve of her 80th birthday, shows no signs of slowing down. Bamming the show up a notch, Donal Logue will teach us something about Canada, then Alan Cross, Evan Carter and Jennifer Goodhue will make their marks on The Panel.