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GST S3: Episode 164 - Lauren Holly And Tyler Brûlé
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Two great guests on the show: actor Lauren Holly is up first - she's a living, breathing embodiment of how TV's changed over the past 25 years. She got her start on 'All My Children', spent three seasons on the incredibly popular 'NCIS', and now she's back on the screen in 'Motive'. And somewhere in there she starred in 'Dumb and Dumber' - and was married to co-star Jim Carrey for a couple of years. Also in the red chair is Tyler Brûlé, the founder of 'Monocle' magazine and 'Wallpaper', two publications that represent a specific vision of the high life. It's a vision Tyler shaped after almost losing his own in a sniper attack... Plus, our guest panelist is the incredibly funny Fraser Young.


THE BIO: Lauren Holly

THE BIO: Tyler Brûlé