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Don Lemon On His Twitter Feud With Jonah Hill

Don Lemon is well known as the host of Newsroom on CNN - an openly-gay, African-American, network news anchor. He's an outspoken journalist, calling for gun control after the tragic Sandy Hook shootings. But last fall, a twitter feud with Jonah Hill ensued after Don tweeted about his unpleasant encounter with the actor in a hotel lobby. He talks to George about Anderson Cooper, being out, and Jonah Hill.

In honour of Black History Month, TIFF and the Black Artists' Network in Dialogue (BAND) invited Don Lemon to town for an on-stage event: "In Conversation With Geraldine Moriba and Don Lemon: Documenting the Black Experience".

In this clip, Don talks about...

Looking back on his Twitter feud with Jonah Hill:
George: "You're so confident, obviously. Have you ever gotten yourself in trouble because of it?

Don: "Yes, you can be overconfident."

George: "Dude, I follow you on Twitter, and you get into it. When people pick fights with me I love getting right back into it. That s*** between you and Jonah Hill made me laugh."

Don: "For Jonah Hill, it was kind of, being funny... at first I was just saying you should be gracious, always... I don't have a beef with him. But (his) response, I thought, was a bit homophobic, and the way he treated me - I didn't talk on Twitter about exactly what happened - but you know - to each his own. It was funny to me, a lot of people picked it up - but that's who I am. If you say something to me that's snarky, then I may say something snarky back... but there's a big lesson in that: and sometime it's (better to) just leave people in the dark, you don't have to respond to every single thing or every single slight or every single incident, and sometimes on Twitter things can be blown out of proportion... sometimes it's fun, it's just fun. It is what it is (laughter)."


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PHOTO: Don Lemon and George On Set