Technology February 5, 2013
Love Driving? Hate Passengers? You Need The World's Smallest Car!

How small can a car get?

Well, judging by the video above - epically small.

Check out the P45, the so-called "smallest car in the world" driven by 'Top Gear' host Jeremy Clarkson.

Like any vehicle, there are some real pluses and minuses to the P45.

A plus: it's great on gas. In fact, when Clarkson fills up, he doesn't even use enough to meet the minimum requirements, and he has to quietly pour a little extra fuel into the garbage can. And he doesn't even have to get out of the car to pump!


Another plus: it's really cozy. You may not be inviting anyone along for the ride (because where would they sit?) but if you value your alone time, this is your car.

But there are drawbacks. Although the car, which Clarkson apparently designed himself, is technically "street legal" in the UK, it's not the ideal choice for a busy highway.

It looks like the top speed you can reach is about 50 kilometres an hour, which is going to get you a lot of rude looks from people driving boring old regular-sized cars (not to mention people driving suddenly scary-looking full-sized trucks).


And judging by Clarkson's reactions when he hits a few potholes, the suspension is unforgiving, to say the least.

Still, if you really want to save on gas, you don't mind a couple of bumps, and you're willing to endure some odd looks, maybe the P45 is for you.

There's no word on whether Clarkson and the 'Top Gear' team will be mass-producing it.

But if you were to get your hands on one and you use it during the winter in Canada, you'll want to invest in a nice extra-heavy-duty car coat.

Although the P45 is tough to beat in terms of aggressive smallness, it was clearly inspired by the Peel 50, the current Guinness World Record holder for the smallest street-legal production car in the world, as Mashable explains.


First built in the '60s on the Isle of Man, original Peel 50s are hard to come by. But recently, the company came back to life, producing new editions that are exact replicas of the original models.

If you'd like to see the six-foot-five Jeremy Clarkson driving a Peel 50, he took one for a spin back in 2008.

Via Slate


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