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AWESOME THING OF THE DAY: The Anti-Loneliness Ramen Bowl
January 23, 2013
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Isn't this an amazing age we live in? Today, you carry more technology in your pocket than you'd have in your entire house at one time.

Technological marvels keep making our lives better, faster, stronger. How did we live in the days before VCRs, electric typewriters, and the Walkman?

And to think those wonders have been replaced with Blu-rays, web streaming, laptops, and smartphones.

They just keep coming up with more items that make our modern slacker lives that much easier and slackier.

For example, love Ramen noodles but hate looking away from your phone in the time it takes to load up your utensil of choice?

Well, it's Miso Soup Design to the rescue. The company, based in Taipei, has a new bowl that allows you to easily access your phone, all while enjoying the deliciousness that is Ramen noodles.

You can now surf the web, check e-mail, play music, and make a call - even FaceTime - all while slurping away.

Think about it... you could join your long-distance lover in a joint bowl of Ramen from thousands of miles away.

Creators Daisuke Nagatomo and Minnie Jan call it the 'Anti-Loneliness Ramen Bowl,' since Ramen is the ultimate in food solitaire, usually the last bastion of a long day or the remaining item in an otherwise barren cupboard.

They told the New York Daily News they got the idea when they saw a man juggling his Ramen eating with one hand and navigating his phone in the other.

While nicer Ramen restaurants are springing up, the stereotypical Ramen eater is usually a broke student looking for a cheap, hot meal. Springing for a special bowl is probably not high on their priority list.

Still, the bowl is pretty sleek, and even doubles as an amplifier when it's empty.

Note that the bowl does not charge your phone while you use it; it's just a dock to keep your phone in your eye line.

And it also doesn't protect against splashes, so eat carefully! Or use protection.

The samples Miso Soup Design has on its Facebook page come in white, black, or red, and they're now accepting pre-orders for spring delivery. No word on pricing yet.

Here are a couple other gadgets we found to make your life even more high-tech:


Relying on your alarm clock's snooze button every morning to catch a few extra winks? Are you perpetually running late cause you hit snooze a few too many times?

Meet CLOCKY, the alarm clock that Nanda, a Denver-based company, created a few years ago that really makes you get out of bed.

Set the wake-up time, and if you hit snooze more than once, Clocky will jump down off your table, roll around the room, and beep at you intermittently, forcing you to get out of bed to chase it around the room.

The version pictured above is part of the (PRODUCT)RED line, so your laziness will actually contribute to a good cause (5% of the purchase goes towards eliminating AIDS in Africa).


Are you all thumbs? Then, this gizmo is perfect for you.

This lightweight, wireless, USB-chargeable mouse controller sits on your index finger and is thumb-operated. Good up to 30 feet away, you can now control your computer's cursor and never lift a hand again to operate your computer's mouse

At the very least, you'll make a great impression on your next Powerpoint presentation, switching slides with the greatest of ease, impressing your co-workers, and shoring up your chances for the next big promotion at work.

Or something like that...

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