Video of the Day November 3, 2012
The Story Of Everything That's Ever Happened, In Less Than Two Minutes

If you have a kid, friend or roommate who likes to ask difficult questions like "where did we come from?" or "how did we all end up in the world?" this video is the perfect way to avoid getting into a lengthy and confusing discussion with them (or having to make up an entertaining origin story for humanity).

'Our Story in 1 Minute' covers the entire history of the universe in a little longer than the minute in the title, starting with the big bang and finishing up with mankind heading out into space.

The video was created by Melody Sheep, who are best known for their autotuned science videos, like Morgan Freeman discussing subatomic particles in song and Carl Sagan dueting with Stephen Hawking on 'A Glorious Dawn.'

If the production looks expensive, it's because all the images were taken from slickly produced documentaries and Hollywood films, including 'Wonders of the Universe,' 'Baraka' and 'Tree of Life.' You can see the full list on the video page.

The accompanying music is all original, though - it was created by the Melody Sheep team. Check it out at their Bandcamp page.

And as for the inspiration, it's pretty straightforward: back in May, YouTuber drirvinman687 created 'Our Story in 2 Minutes,' which tells the same story in still images. It's also pretty incredible:


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