Video of the Day May 8, 2013
Russian Dash Cams Capture Random Acts Of Kindness

After that meteor struck the Urals in Russia back in February, a lot of footage of the strike was shared online. And much of it came from dash cams - the built-in cameras that are a feature of many Russian vehicles.

In fact, YouTube is full of videos and compilations of the things that Russian dash cams have captured. Often, like the meteor strike, the videos focus on disasters - road accidents, explosions, and danger, captured in real time.

Well, a new video compilation that's making the rounds online is about the other side of life in Russia. User AkadiYM93 has compiled moments of kindness and positivity, all captured by dash cams, in a video whose English title is simply 'Good People.'

From a few moments of friendly people helping old ladies cross the street, to a truck offering to tow a broken-down vehicle from the side of the road, to a cop and another citizen helping a peacock cross the street safely, the video is a good reminder that there are a lot of kind and helpful people out there.

The music is courtesy The Cinematic Orchestra, with a track called 'Arrival of the Birds.'

You might be wondering why so many Russian vehicles (an estimated one million of them) have cameras on their dashboards.

Well, it's for legal reasons. Apparently, a lot of Russians believe that police corruption is rampant, according to Al Jazeera. By recording what's happening on the road, drivers protect themselves from officers who might try to take bribes - or ignore traffic laws to their own benefit.

And apparently insurance companies have begun to tighten their requirements for claims. They won't pay out in the event of an accident unless there is clear evidence that the driver was not at fault - and dash cam footage often helps prove the case.


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