Video of the Day May 21, 2013
BASE Jumper Falls 1,000 Feet After Chute Fails... And Survives

Now this is the definition of a very bad day for a daredevil. But luckily - and amazingly - Matthew Gough managed to not only survive the accident in the video above, but to escape with only minor injuries.

Just a warning: the video is graphic and pretty shocking. But it does have a happy ending.

Gough was planning to perform a BASE jump (essentially a jump off a tall object with a parachute to break your fall) when he leapt off this cliff in Lake Garda, Italy.

He's performed 180 jumps in the past without a hitch - but this time his parachute opened backwards and became twisted.

He floated briefly, and then fell down the cliff face at about 65 kilometres an hour, with his helmet camera filming the whole way.

Although he was taken off in a stretcher, he only sustained minor injuries to his knees and ankles.

And after this experience, will he be BASE jumping in future? In short: yes.

"I am still going to BASE jump but it has made me more aware of the risks, I wouldn't want this happening to me again and wouldn't wish it on anyone else," he told HuffPo UK.

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