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Recreating Childhood Photos, Down to the Last Detail


How did we just discover this?

A few years ago, Argentinian photographer Irina Werning embarked on a new and very creative project.

Called 'Back to the Future,' she convinced some very brave individuals to recreate their childhood photos.

Although decades separate the two shots, Irina matches every aspect of the original picture.

From the clothing to the setting, everything is nailed down to the most minute detail. She even goes so far as to reproduce the look of the earlier photograph, from tinting to texture, from lighting to the facial expressions on her models.

Just about everything is the same, or as close as possible ... except the photo's subject themselves.

When the child captured in a school photo is juxtaposed against him/herself as an adult, it's a poignant look at the aging process, at maturing, and at the innocence of childhood getting lost as we grow up.


When a pierced and tattooed 30-something is shown opposite her fresh-faced toddler shot, it's a potent look at how people change, how attitudes evolve, and really makes you think about those missing intervening years where the person's life took shape.


Sometimes, it's the changes in the surroundings that give the photos a surreal quality, like the shots of the boy standing next to the Berlin Wall, which is replaced years later with a much wider view of Berlin.


The purity of a baby picture, the excitement of a vacation photo, the memories of carefree childhoods... all sorts of photos are recreated.

And the real incredible part is the painstaking work Irina has put into matching the two photos as much as possible.

Her attention to detail is remarkable. In some cases, it looks like mere months have elapsed, not decades.


Irina is conquering parts of Asia as part of her next 'Back to the Future' project, so if you live in Korea, Taiwan, or Tokyo, go to Irina's website to find out how you can become part of her time-travelling series.

In the meantime, we've pasted some more of her work below, but we encourage you to check out the full series here and here, where you can even find out what year the original photo was taken, and when the recreation took place.







(All photos by Irina Werning, via Twisted Sifter.)

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