Social Issues January 3, 2013
Frightening or Funny? The U.S. Navy Has A New PSA On The Dangers of Bath Salts


Bath salts aren't a fad. They're a nightmare, according to a new PSA made by the United States Navy.

The ad suggests that ingesting bath salts can lead to vomiting a thin stream of coffee, hallucinations, punching your girlfriend and seeing your friends turn into demons.

The Navy, it seems, is having trouble keeping some of its sailors off of the drug.

If you don't know, 'bath salts' are a relatively new designer drug that affect the central nervous system.

They have nothing to do with actual bath salts. So, you're still okay if you need a hot soak after shovelling.

Banned by the U.S. government in 2011, the drug is often sold in powder form under various brand names over the Internet and in convenience stores.

Bath salts are said to emulate cocaine, methamphetamine and LSD, with side effects that run the gamut from insomnia and paranoia to violent outbursts and heart attack.

Scary stuff indeed, but the reaction that's firing off around the interwebz is how whacky the actual PSA is.

There are a series of vignettes in which a young sailor ingests the drug, starts hearing dubsteb music and then begins to hallucinate while bowling with his girlfriend. Oh and, he punches her too. Then, cue the demons.

All of this leads to a bad trip to the ER, where Navy doctors attend to the guy.

Then, the PSA transitions to Navy Medicine Psychiatry Resident Lt. George Loeffler, who explains the horrors of the drug - albeit somewhat underwhelmingly.

The U.S. Navy has also set up a webpage specifically to educate sailors and the public about the potentially disastrous health risks involved.

Here are some of our favourite PSA's from over the years.

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And finally, this psychedelic PSA needs to be seen to be believed. It's there, find it.


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