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The Oxford Dictionary's New Words for 2011: Noob, Sexting, Woot, and More

It's that time of year again - the Concise Oxford English Dictionary has added 400 new words, and a lot of them are related to social media, technology and outsider fashion. The Oxford University Press blog points out that dictionaries have a rich tradition of including slang from their time, stretching back to the Oxford Dictionary's first edition in 1911, which included forgotten gems like "foozle," "marconigram" and "kinematograph."

As for this year's additions, they're an interesting bunch, touching on tech, the environment, and ... plastics manufacturing. Here are our ten favourites, with brief definitions to help you make sense of it all:

Jeggings: Leggings styled to look like tight denim jeans.

Woot (or w00t): An expression of happiness or excitement, originated by online communities in the mid-nineties.

Retweet: To republish someone else's 140-character-or-less Twitter message in order to share a message or piece of information.

Mankini: The highly revealing and stylized v-shaped "bikini for men" first popularized by Borat.

Cyberbullying: The use of information and communication technologies to engage in or encourage hostile behaviour toward an individual or group.

Denialist: Someone who refuses to accept a verifiable reality because of discomfort or willful ignorance.

Upcycle: To convert waste materials or useless products into new materials of better quality or more environmental value.

Noob: A novice or newcomer in a profession or activity. Like w00t, this term comes courtesy of the Internet and the gaming community.

Sexting: The act of sending sexually explicit text messages or photographs via mobile phones. Best attempted sober.

Nurdle: A small pellet of plastic that serves as raw material in the manufacture of plastic products. There, now you know that.



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