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Moammar Fashions, Moammar Memories

Say what you want about Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi (that he's a murderous megalomaniac, that he's completely disconnected from reality, that his days are numbered...) but there's no denying that the man is a clotheshorse.

There hasn't been this colourful a madman on the world stage since Idi Amin.

But while Amin largely preferred flamboyant military styles, Moammar has rocked all sorts of looks. Here's our little retrospective of Gadhafi's many outfits over the years...

When he first took power, our boy played it pretty straight with a fitted uniform, like this one from 1971. Nice lines, form-fitting...

Gaddafi 1971.JPG

As the decade went on however, Moammar loosened up the rules on how an autocratic head of state could rock a uniform. Note the absence of the officer's hat.

Gaddafi military casual.JPG

By the 1980's, Gadhafi was clearly influenced by Western movie culture - 'Scarface' in particular. I mean, how else can you explain this homage to Tony Montana? "Say hello to my little friend!"

Gaddafi 1984.JPG

Here's another outfit from the 80's. Simple, classic white. Look how happy he is! Must've just had some more Eastern European babes shipped in to "handle his medical needs."

Gaddafi 1980s.JPG

Not that he lost his love of uniforms though, as this pic clearly demonstrates.

Gaddafi generalissimo.JPG

In recent years, Moammar has shown surprising versatility in his fashion choices. He's rocked the "Rich Beach Bum" look...

Gaddafi lounging.JPG

The "Who Says A Dictator Can't Wear Pink" look...

Gaddafi pink.JPG

The "If I Wasn't Suppressing My People, I'd Be A Philosophy Professor" look...

Gaddafi professor look.JPG

And of course, perhaps his most appropriate ensemble, the "King Of Kings" look.

Gaddafi King of Kings.JPG

If and when his regime falls, there will be a lot of second hand clothes going to the Sally Ann, that's for damn sure.



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