Show News September 8, 2011
175,141 Water Balloons In Three Minutes

Students at the University of Kentucky set a world record last week for the biggest water balloon fight in history. It looked like fun - here's a pretty epic video of it unfolding.

Organized by the college's Christian Student Fellowship, the record-breaking battle involved 8,957 people who threw 175,141 water balloons. The previous record holder for a water balloon fight was Utah's Brigham Young University, where on July 23, 2010, an army of 3,927 students tossed 120,000 water balloons.

Some students at the University of Kentucky, however, are saying that the amount of water used to topple this particular record is wasteful, and maybe a little insensitive in the face of the ongoing drought in the Horn of Africa. It's hard not to agree.

But North Americans waste water in less conspicuous ways every day. All of which are preventable. If you're interested in doing some of that preventing (or if you just want to save up for YOUR next water balloon fight, carbon credit-style) here are few easy ways to curb daily water use:

-Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth. You'll save 10 litres of water a day AND be able to more clearly hear the satisfying swish of bristle on enamel.

-If you shave a couple minutes off your morning shower, you'll shave more than $40 off your yearly water bill.

-Wash your fruits and vegetable in a pot filled with water instead of holding them under running water from the tap, then use that wash-water to give your thirsty houseplants a drink.

-Again with the greenery! When you're changing the water in your pet's bowl, don't just toss the old stuff - it's feeding time for Petunia (your geranium?).

-Pick up a wrench and fix your leaky faucet. It's costing you 40 litres a day, and replacing worn washers or valve seats is one of the easiest household chores you can do.

-If you use your dishwasher and clothes washer only when they're at full capacity, you'll wear your clean clothes and eat from your clean plates knowing you haven't wasted up to 3500 litres per month.

-Fill your water balloons with rainwater from your downspout (collected into a barrel). They won't be easy to fill, but then, the right thing is rarely the easy thing.



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